Greater the Movie will stir your soul.  If it doesn’t then you need to call me right away. I’m serious. If you watch this movie and it doesn’t move you in any way, I want to talk to you.

Some content from the movie about Brandon Burlsworth that will relate to every walk of life:
  • Brandon’s biological parents were not living together
  • Brandon struggled with his weight
  • Brandon was not the best athlete
  • Brandon was not from a wealthy family
  • Brandon had a dream that few believed in
  • Brandon showed hard work and determination in pursuing his goals
  • Brandon was made fun of by his college teammates for his way of doing things
  • Brandon’s consistency and discipline won the hearts of his college teammates
  • Brandon’s actions changed the atmosphere of his football team and campus in a extremely positive way
  • Brandon become an All American in football
  • Brandon graduated with both his bachelor’s degree and masters before he played his last college football game
  • Brandon’s efforts were rewarded by being drafted by the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts
  • Brandon’s commitment and attitude are an example that can promote a change in America
  • Brandon’s legacy lives on today because of the way he lived everyday: he lived his values, he pursued his goals, by faith he overcame adversity

Brandon Burlsworth’s life story is enough to energize people from passive and lethargic to focused and determined.  The reason his story is told today is because those who knew him understood the sacrifice he made for each of them.

The response to Brandon’s death reminds me of John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” I feel as if those who knew Brandon would have died in his place if they could because of what he stood for.

By doing the right thing all the time, even when no one is looking, we are providing an example for others to follow that will impact people far longer than within our lifetime.

Father in Heaven it is my belief that you will use this film GREATER to share a heart felt message of hope to America and the world. A hope that will surpass and transcend tragedy. We desperately need you Father to do a work in the hearts of people who have influence in this world to make it get into 3100+ theaters ASAP.  But, we know you are a rich God who does extraordinary works exceeding our expectations by far. It is the means to a massive harvest for the kingdom of God.  If people will see this movie, their hearts are bound to be stirred and begin looking for answers which only YOU provide.  Bring the answers they need!

In Jesus’ name.