I Failed Last Night, and there is no excuse!

Last night I was humbled to be inducted into the Northwest High School Sport Hall of Fame inaugural class.  Over the last few weeks we’ve had more than the normal level of activity that comes along with six kids.

My mother-in-law slipped and fell requiring a trip in the ambulance only to find out 2 weeks later that she did break her elbow and had surgery on Friday.

One week before, my dad spent 5 days in the hospital with the flu and sepsis.

A close family member was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.

Yesterday, prior to our Hall of Fame Sports Banquet we had a baby nephew enter the world, my mother-in-law recovering from surgery at our house and we learned that our grandma Betty had passed away in the morning.  Our uncle requires triple bi-pass surgery on Monday.  There are also several other smaller items that I will spare you from. (Like a key employee being sick for 2 days while approaching a work deadline last week.)

I have to tell you, none of these things excuse my lack obedience to God.  It’s God that I failed and I know that due to the undeniable fact that I feel I grieved the Holy Spirit within.

I’m not referring to the unrelenting grief and worry that comes with constantly trying to attain the approval of men.  Rather, simply seeking to please an audience of one. God.

Not long after I received notice that I would be included in this inaugural class God gave me words to speak at the event if given the opportunity. I wrote these words down.

Prior to leaving the house I searched for my notes and could not find them. I said to myself, “It’s not that big of a deal, I’m sure I can come up with something to say if need be”.

Well let me tell you it was a big deal.  I realized that in my restless sleep last night. The result of my failure. It’s like showing up for a football game without your helmet and pads.  It’s embarrassing because I pride myself on doing what God asks of me.  Sharing what He gives me to share.

And I didn’t do that last night.

I found my notes, today, only after I asked for God’s forgiveness on my lack of preparation.  Here’s what my speech was supposed to be:

First forgive me, the person I was in high school and college no longer exists.

I’ve taken the option of a fresh start in the life offered through Jesus Christ. Without this fresh start I wouldn’t be married and have six children today.

What I have taken away from my athletic career is a lot of mistakes.  Mistakes that many people can learn from. As well as, a great lesson.

You can achieve your goals through hard work and determination. But that doesn’t mean you will be happy! I encourage you to start your dreams with the end in mind.

What kind of husband/wife, parent, worker do you want to be remembered as? Even better, where will you spend eternity after you breathe your last breath here on earth?

Begin with the end in mind!  Knowing with certainty that you have won the Championship in Life forces you to live life much differently.  Because, you realize you did nothing to earn it.

It’s with great humility that I receive this recognition.

Thank you. All praise be to Jesus Christ.

Let me warn you, if you know Jesus Christ as Lord, and therefore have the Holy Spirit dwelling within you.  God desires that you exalt His name.  Take it seriously and do whatever you have to do to remain in obedience to the Spirit of God within you.

Other helpful things to anticipate if you are given a similar opportunity as I was:

  • Ask questions up front
  • Ask how many words they would like to limit your bio to and who is editing it
  • Ask what the deadline is for the information they are requesting
  • Ask for them to send you a preview of your bio for you to proof prior to printing
  • Be prepared for adversity by praying before you enter the building
  • Be prepared to see people you didn’t expect to see
  • Share what God has given you to share without fear
  • Bring bullet point list of speech main points
  • Bring a pen and a blank paper to write any additional notes if need be

Thankfully, there were several people who proclaimed Jesus Christ boldly.  I am grateful to have shared the stage with them.

(Again this is an obedience issue not a quality concern).  My hope is you will learn from my mistake.


By grace we go,