Over the past decade I’ve struggled to lead my family in reading the Bible on a regular basis.  Recently, I have been  developing a series of Bible reading comprehension questions designed to simply engage my children with the chapters we are reading.  I am more than satisfied with the results and I believe God is pleased as well.

As the leader of my home, it is my responsibility to lead my wife and children in the way that scripture teaches.  This is impossible without reading the word of God together.  I didn’t realize the full weight of the burden that I was carrying, until that burden was lifted by God as a result of fulfilling this responsibility as a husband and parent.  It is freeing!

I am excited for you to begin this study with your family.  For you to share how it is working and ways I can improve it.  This is a tool I encourage you to sign up for and hope you will find it helpful and share it with others in order that they benefit from the same experiences we are having.


  1. Read the chapter in the Bible together. In this case, John 1.
  2. Read the Lazarus Simple Reading Comprehension Questions together and allow the children to answer them. Let them engage the Bible by rereading the scripture.
  3. Suggestions: Be the model example by reading the scripture yourself. Encourage everyone to participate. Play “bump” to allow this to occur. Use this as a time to train little ones how to sit still and quiet. Prepare for adversity.
  4. COMMIT TO READING REGARDLESS OF WHAY IS GOING ON OR WHO IS AROUND. Please share your experiences with us, by commenting below or sending an email.

Week One starts on Monday February 13, 2017.