Two and a half years ago. My father in law passed away, I was working 16 hours away from home for two months straight, my wife was caring for five children and handling the sale of our old house. Once home, my work load was heavy and my wife’s needs weren’t being met by her helper, ME.

My children were dealing with the difficulties of losing their Grandpa, moving from their home, and adjusting to having dad back home.

I was distracted when we moved into our new house across town. As a result the rhythm in our home was off. As much as I wanted to point the finger at someone else and say, “If you guys are going to act like this we will sell this house and move.”


My house FOR SALE Sign on the back of our kitchen cabinets.

After all, as the leader of our household I had set the tone from the time we moved.  What more could I do?  We had a rare “Family Meeting”.  I pointed out the vision map God inspired me to create nearly 10 years before. I explained how this home was God’s fulfillment of a much bigger plan that He had in store for us.  I also explained how if we used the home for our glory and not God’s glory it would be taken away from us.

John Week One Chapters 1-5 Study Questions

I did everything right. SO I THOUGHT.

There was one problem.  There was a lack of LEADERSHIP in our home.  OUCH!  I wondered how could this be?  How could I let this happen I know better?

ARE YOU PREPARED TO LEAD YOUR FAMILY THROUGH SEASONS OF LIFE: Too often in my life it seems that I am not ready to handle God’s blessing on my life. Too often I fail to see the storm clouds rolling in, the cows laying down in pasture, and the leaves of the trees flash their white flags.

Sometimes as individuals, or leaders, our greatest strengths can become our greatest weakness. Glaring blind spots that become a sweet spot for delivering self-destructive blows to people and things we value most in life.

My lack of recognizing the situation at hand and then adapting to the changes was MY FAILURE in leadership. While I would love to say I’ve graduated from this area of struggle, I honestly cannot say that. I still continue to fail with the ability to practice simple leadership qualities within my home. I have to force myself to be disciplined in my efforts. When I am it seems the fields are extremely fruitful.

That was the night I wrote scripture verses all over the inside of my cabinets.  It was my line in the sand.  It was reminder to  myself.  Click here to see a promo for the Study Questions.

Looking back I feel as if it was laying claim to God’s promises and exterminating the wickedness that desired to gain a foothold on our new home from the start.  Fast forward to today and we see how God has used our home in a small way to bless us and others.  All glory to God. He has blessed us so much.  Yet this blessing is not without trial.

Today the cabinets still have writing all over them. (In our future kitchen remodel I’ve got some ideas on how to keep the scripture on our new cabinets and share that concept with others as well.)

As a family we have enjoyed reading the Holy Bible together. As a husband and parent I cannot express to you how  fulfilling it is to see me wife and children dig into God’s word together.  It’s so much better than enjoying the lines in your freshly cut lawn, driving on a spotless shoveled, once snow covered, driveway, or fixing the leaky sink.

The time we put aside reading God’s word together is beyond priceless.  I do hope you will download and implement WEEK ONE of John in order to experience this for yourself.  Don’t forget to sign up for the blog so you get WEEK TWO as well.


John Week One Chapters 1-5 Study Questions