Does God care about what we do for a living?  Does God care about the menial tasks we perform throughout our day, at home, in our jobs, at lunch, after work?

Luke Week Three Study Questions

I would say, 100% yes.

I was reminded of this yesterday in a small but powerful way, God does care  I was cutting some wood to trim for some windows and I felt the Spirit of God within me urging me to, “STOPSaw Cut

I resisted the feeling, being the goal oriented task master that I tend to be.  This feeling persisted and all of the sudden it hit me, “This is the Spirit of God speaking here.”

The way I’ve come to describe the Spirit of God’s work in my life over time has changed. When I first became a believer in Jesus Christ the Spirit of God would move like a swift kick to the groin.

“Ah, okay, okay, I won’t do that!”  or “I’ll listen next time because I can see that upset You,” speaking to the Spirit.

(I understand my laymen discussion of the working of the Holy Spirit may have some of you gritting your teeth.  My response is, all I know is I can walk, I can see and I can feel the presence of the Spirit of God in my life.  Not unlike the blind and lame who were interrogated by the Pharisee’s and Sadducees about how they were healed by Jesus.  I don’t know exactly, but I would think you would know having studied as much as you have.)

Unfortunately, it’s been through not listening to the Spirit that I’ve come to learn the voice of the Spirit.  The rebuking and discipline of God have allowed me to develop an ear for the voice of God within. This grieving of the Spirit that produces an indescribable feeling of shame or guilt.

The state of discontentment due to the personal disconnect with God is only fulfilled by turning to God in humility and asking forgiveness. It’s beyond something weighing on your conscience, but similar.

So I finally give in and stop cutting midway and walk inside only to find out I miscalculated the number of cuts I needed to make and the board I was cutting was my last cut.  I rejoiced with the guys working with me and carried on.

This was so small, but so profound to me yesterday.  Evidence that God still does care for us and is active in a very intimate way in our lives in both small and enormous ways.

All I really want is to be obedient to God’s word and call in my life and sometimes that becomes difficult to navigate.

I like to view my work as a mission field and have operated this way for a great number of years. Our company Lazarus On the Rise Co has a construction company called C-3 Crew which stands for Colossians 3:17 And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.  Despite this intentionality, I’ve struggled to embrace this role over the last few years.  My human nature wants to go into full time ministry because from the outside that seems to make the most sense.

God’s way of accomplishing His purpose for our life tends to look differently than we visualize it to be.  Nonetheless, God accomplishes what He has revealed to us and typically much more than we ever expected.

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