On July 12, 2017, Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne was photographed praying inside the Oval Office.  Something that we have never witnessed in my lifetime.  Prayer in the Oval Office led by Christians.

Monday July 20, 2017, Pastor Browne released a statement of his conversation with a senior Congress, elected official, who stated that there was a plan to maliciously remove our President from the White House.  We have been hearing reports of this all week and Pastor Browne’s call for Christians to pray for our President.

Over the past several months God has had me stop blogging and called me to spend more time in my prayer map.  While listening to Pastor Brown yesterday, his sincerity stirred my spirit and this resulted in the thought that today and the days following are perhaps the catalyst to the most dangerous days for the President of the United States of America.

Why today? Why our President?

Today, July 27, 2017 is Grand Climax, a satanic holiday in which blood rituals will be performed conjuring demonic spirits.  Our President, though not perfect, has definitely made a stance for Christ.  Satan and Jesus Christ are enemies.

Before the President took office early this year, before he won the nomination as a Republican, people within the media have openly been calling for his death.  When have you ever seen this type of behavior?

Combine this social priming of the pump by the media pushing the narrative that assassination would be a good thing, the only thing that will work, with Pastor Browne’s concern and Grand Climax, and there is the reason my spirit has been stirred to pray for our President and his family.